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437 backers pledged HK$747,391.00 on Kickstarter

The Eagle is the first watch made with the same materials as some of the world’s most expensive watches, for a fraction of the price.

Raised in Kickstarter
HK$747,391.00 / 437 backers
Raised in BackerKit
HK$49,943.00 / 428 backers
Estimated Shipping Date: September 2017
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Learn About Our Project:



Own a Premium, Hand-Assembled Watch for a Fair Price

How much should you pay for style?

If you’re like us, you’re tired of the answer to that question being “thousands of dollars.”

Allow us to introduce The Eagle Pilot Watch. Our flagship timepiece, it’s inspired by the rugged masterpieces of the world’s greatest fighter pilots. It has the best materials, a hand-assembled construction, and an affordable price.

A comparable pilot watch would cost you just under a thousand dollars, and that’s if you have a buyer’s eye. But, we can bring you The Eagle for a fair price.


Most of the cost of a watch comes from their ludicrously expensive marketing campaigns and the overly complex distribution chain. Full-page ads, billboards that are ignored, shipments to physical stores, it all ends up costing you more money for a watch that may take less than $100 to manufacture.

Our unique distribution process removes the middlemen, marketing executives, and retailers who normally try to butt in and raise the price. This allows us to reduce costs without a single compromise on quality.

We want to offer a special price for our backers as well. For those of you who decide to support us and back The Eagle, we’re offering a special priced reward. For this Kickstarter campaign only, our quartz powered Eagle is priced at $149 and our automatic movement Eagle at $199. It’s a third less off our future retail prices.

The Eagle Spreads Its Wings. For You.

Watches are more than just ways to keep time. They’re constants in the world of fashion, symbols of a modern gentleman, and an accessory that marks you as a man beyond equal.

No watch captures these elements more than the pilot watch.

Unfortunately, most pilot watches are absurd in price. Some sale prices even reach tens of thousands of dollars. That is simply too much.

That’s why we created The Eagle. We wanted to build an exceptional watch for you, not for a dozen middlemen looking for their cut. It’s a fraction of the cost of similar watches, with the same level of care and quality.

No insane price tag. No middlemen. Just a class act.

Designing the Perfect Timepiece

We started working on The Eagle back in 2015 - making sure that it was perfect for you.

It was a long journey, with lots of research, trashed sketches, late-nights, and far too much coffee.

Our inspiration came from the earliest pilot watches and the men who wore them. The fighter pilots of the Second World War. They represented everything we wished to embody in our watch: bravery, honor, and a classic, rugged style.

To make sure we weren’t creating inside a vacuum, we brought in multiple watch fanatics to help us stay on the right track. Their ruthless feedback let us refine the design, function, and aesthetic of The Eagle.

We believe that we have made something truly remarkable. Something you will be proud to wear.

Our Company

If you’ve looked at the rewards or funding aspect of the campaign, you may have begun to wonder why the pledges are collected in Hong Kong dollars or why the project is based in Lithuania?

Well, it’s actually quite simple. The idea for the Eagle was born in Europe, specifically in Vilnius, Lithuania (where a number of our team are located). Unfortunately, Lithuania is currently not among the supported countries to launch a Kickstarter project.

However, we absolutely adore this platform, so we wanted to introduce Eagle here.

Luckily, a few of our partners are located in Hong Kong, which is one of Kickstarter’s supported countries. As Kickstarter can only accept the currency where the project owner is located, our funding amounts are in Hong Kong dollars.

What does that mean for you? Honestly, nothing really changes. Simply pledge the appropriate amount in Hong Kong dollars, and Kickstarter along with Stripe will do an automatic seamless conversion for you. Regardless of where you’re at, you’ll still receive The Eagle as quickly as we can ship it out to you.

Oversized Crown

Our Oversized Crown is inspired by the watches of fighter pilots in World War II, who needed to be able to adjust their watches without removing their gloves mid-flight. It makes The Eagle easy to adjust, and is a tribute to the masters of the sky.

Domed Sapphire Crystal

While a cheap flat mineral crystal is often used to save costs when creating a watch, we elected to use something far superior. The Eagle features a Domed Sapphire Crystal over its case, the same type of crystal used by the watch industry’s elite companies.

Domed Sapphire will naturally resist the scratches and fractures that can occur from daily use. It’s a luxurious look that can handle even the most intense lifestyle.

Swiss Super-LumiNova® Luminous Dial

Illuminate your life regardless of how long your shift at work is, or how great your night becomes, time never stops moving.

Our luminous dial lets you keep track of time no matter what your plans are. Feel free to stay out late with your friends, wake up before the sun, and live your life. The Eagle lights your way.

We're using high quality Swiss Super-LumiNova® C3 luminous material, which will keep the dial glowing for up to 8 hours.

316L 42 MM Stainless Steel Case

The finest steel must go through the hottest fire.

We opted for a 316L stainless steel construction for a perfect blend of comfort and durability in The Eagle’s case. It has a low carbon makeup that keeps your skin free of any irritations that cheaper watches can cause. The case itself is scratch and corrosion resistant, so you can take it on your roughest rides.

Beautiful PvD matte finish will make it look brand new for years to come.

50M Water Resistance

Don’t be scared to get a little wet.

You don’t know where your adventures are going to take you, so you need a watch that’s ready for an active lifestyle.

The Eagle is water resistant of 50M (165 FT), which is perfect for swimming (even white water rafting), shower, or a dance with a girl in the rain.

Come hell or high water, you can trust it to keep ticking.

Genuine Italian Leather ZULU Strap

It’s become commonplace in the watch industry for many manufacturers to use cheap leather alternatives to save costs, but we wanted to do things differently. The Eagle is a luxury watch, so we couldn’t compromise on quality.

That’s why we decided to go with the absolute best - a vintage styled, genuine Italian Zulu Strap.

Italian leather is considered one of the best choices for leather across the world. It’s made via traditional methods of tanning that have been in use for generations, and can be found in premium cars, carrying bags, wallets, and other high-end accessories.

Our Zulu Strap is a ‘one-piece’ strap. This means that you can exchange your current strap for another (looking to match your date?) in a matter of seconds. No need to run to a jeweler or watchmaker, just give yourself a few seconds and you’re good to go.

Or, if you’re more of a traditionalist, you can opt for a ‘two-piece’ strap. The spring bars hold both one and two piece straps. After all, it’s your watch, so wear it how you’d like to.

So you can attach your favourite strap of any kind - stainless steel, leather, nylon or any other.

Automatic or Quartz Movement

QUARTZ – This option is the perfect choice for when you want a low maintenance and highly accurate watch. Quartz is second to none for timekeeping purposes, and its energy system means you won’t have to spend any extra time maintaining it.

AUTOMATIC – Possessing a watch powered by an automatic movement is an experience unlike any other. Fueled by your body’s natural movements, they are historical masterpieces that revolutionized how mankind could keep time. To own one is to own a piece of our species’ history.

The Eagle will contain Japanese MIYOTA Movements, designed by a company known for the highest quality material selection and assembly.

Never Lose a Day

Sometimes, trips get out of hand. Sometimes, they get so out of hand you even forget what day it is. When that happens, just take a look at The Eagle’s six o’clock. You’ll have an answer.

Engraved Back Plate

No luxury watch can be complete without a stunning black plate that you can show off. We’ve opted for a beautiful engraving of an eagle (befitting the name) designed by talented artist. Many companies that use an automatic movement prefer an ‘exhibition window’ on the back, but we decided that we preferred to do something different, so both quartz and automatic watches will highlight the eagle engraving.

As a special treat, we wanted everyone who backs us during this campaign to be part of our story. All Kickstarter backers will have an additional engraving on the plate that reads Founders Edition. So everyone can know that you helped found The Eagle. 

Hand-Assembled Construction

Finding the right manufacturer was an even greater task than designing The Eagle. We couldn’t trust just anyone, and we refused to opt for the cheapest option just to save a few cents.

We looked, time passed, and seasons changed outside our window. We interviewed and rejected manufacturer after manufacturer.

Until, we found the perfect one. Someone who had spent years creating luxury watches for some of the world’s leading brands. They had the expertise and passion we needed in a manufacturer.

Every Eagle has been assembled by hand. Machines are clunky and don’t care about what they’re making, but the human hand is much more careful. The human hand creates art. That’s why you trust it to assemble your watch.

Detailed Specifications

Case diameter: 42 mm (47.2 mm with crown)
Case thickness: 12 mm
Crystal: Sapphire with anti-reflective coating
Hands: Luminous (glowing in the dark)
Movement: Japanese Miyota 2315 (Quartz), Miyota 8215 (Automatic)
Water resistance: 5 ATM (50M / 165 FT)
Watch case: 316L stainless steel with PvD matte finish
Strap material: Genuine Italian leather
Strap width: 22 mm
Strap length: 270 mm
Date window: 6 o'clock
Warranty: 2 years limited warranty

Delivered in Style

The style and class of The Eagle extends further than the watch’s construction. It soars to your location in an elegant leather case.

Inside, you’ll find a complete Eagle watch (including the strap of your choice), an instruction manual, unique warranty card, and strap care booklet.

Protection for Your Investment

We stand by The Eagle and its quality, which is why we give you a 2-year limited global warranty. If something isn’t right, such as a workmanship or material failure, we’ll replace your watch ASAP. No extra cost to you (and anywhere you are in the world).

Join the Movement

Launching The Eagle means more to us than putting another watch on the market. It’s a challenge to the traditional system that creates and sells luxury watches for astronomical prices.

When you submit your pledge, you won’t just be purchasing a watch. You are going to help start a movement that allows us to offer an exceptional piece of art for an affordable price. You will send a message that the industry doesn’t need a convoluted chain of retailers, distributors, and advertising agents.

Instead, we can make something beautiful, practical, and affordable. And we can do it together.

The Collection

You should never have to settle for a watch. The Eagle comes in fifteen different dial, case, and strap variations. Take a look and find the perfect fit.

PLEASE NOTE: You won’t need to select the exact model just yet. You’ll receive a survey where you can choose your exact watch model. Just make sure you’ve selected the appropriate backing amount right now and have reserved your watches.

Black Matte Case With Tan Index

Black Matte Case With White Index

Silver Matte Case With White Index

Strap Collection


Right now, simply choose how many watches you would like to reserve. You can choose from 1, 2, 3 or 4 watches to make your reservation.

You will select your watch model (case, strap and index color) later. We will send you a survey where you will be able to choose the exact model you want.

You can also purchase additional add-ons by choosing an appropriate pledge, or simply by backing the entire amount (you will be able to change the add-ons later as well).








 Watches and Bundles





Worldwide Friendly Project

It doesn't matter where you're located in the world - USA or Madagascar, the pledge that you are submitting is the final payment. We will make sure that there won't be any additional customs charges, taxes, import duties, fees or anything else.

High-Definition Photos

If you want to take a closer look to each one of these watches, we have prepared a high-definition Google Drive gallery for you. When I say "high-definition" - I really MEAN it (photos are 6016 x 4016 px).


Click here to open the gallery

Go ahead - see how beautiful it looks (it will look even better on your wrist)!

Our Business Model

The watch industry has become known for its insanely high prices. Even for a quality piece, it can be hard to justify paying thousands of dollars. So how can we offer a limited edition, elegant pilot watch for less than $150?

Simple, we eliminate the complicated (and pointless chain) that normally exists between factory and customer. We connect directly with you. No distributors, expensive marketing campaigns, wholesalers, or retail stores. It means less headache, less cost, and a better experience.

How Do I Get One?

It’s easy!

Simply select the reward you want and fill out your payment details. After we’ve received your funding, we’ll send a survey where you can select your preferred case, dial and strap color, movement of the watch.

Do check out our bundles! If you pledge for 2 or more watches (regardless of the movement) you will receive our fabulous add-ons for free!

The Past, The Present, The Future

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